Group Moderator
Title Site Manager
Joined Est. 2009

Barrel is a moderator and long-standing member of Game Podunk. He is one of the only remaining members from when DarkStar ran the site, along with Elizabeth, Steve Bitto (previously known as TYLERxDURDEN), and Rex. Since 2012, he has been reviewing games on the site; usually niche Japanese titles and SRPGS.

Editorial Work on GP

He originally reviewed games on the first incarnation of GP under DarkStar, but didn't resume doing so until Jason Clement took over. Links to his reviews can be found on the following links below.

Gaming Interests

Barrel is a known superfan of SRPGs and JRPGs. He has mentioned that Final Fantasy Tactics is his favorite game of all time, even playing it once a year for a long time.[1] He is also is a big fan of game developer Yasumi Matsuno and looks forward to playing any game he has a hand in developing, regardless of how passive his role is in the development.[2]


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