Group Moderator
Title 21-1
Joined Est. 2009
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Elizabeth Burnette (or "Liz" for short) is a moderator and long-standing member of Game Podunk, and also writes for Vivid Gamer as its iOS Editor. She is one of four remaining members (the other three being Barrel and Steve Bitto (then known as TYLERxDURDEN) and Rex) that joined GP when DarkStar originally ran it.

Previous Usernames

  • The Liztress
  • Lizzy
  • Keith Shadis
    • For a time, Elizabeth adopted the name "Keith Shadis" as inspired by the character of the same name from the anime Attack On Titan. This was in lieu of Ludono's Attack On Game Podunk event where several GP members adopted namesakes and personalities from the show.
  • Sansa Stark
    • Elizabeth changed her name to Sansa Stark, a Game of Thrones character, after Ludono and Royzoga also changed their names to that of characters from the show in anticipation of its return in 2014.
  • Sailor Liztress
    • This name change came about in June 2014. Presumably, this change was due to Liz's excitement for the new Sailor Moon anime that would be debuting soon.[1]

Editorial Work on GP

While Liz is mostly known for being a mod, she has contributed several articles and reviews over the years. You can find a link to other pages of her work below.


Elizabeth is a known fan of JRPGs. She is especially fond of the Disgaea series.


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