Elizabeth "Gaiages" Henges
Group Moderator
Title Shocking!
Joined August 2012

Elizabeth "Gaiages" Henges (or "Gaia" for short) is a moderator and reviewer at Game Podunk, and writes for RPGsite as well. She was also a community manager up until January 2014. Along with Barrel and Leah, Gaiages tends to favor JRPGs and quirky Japanese titles when reviewing games. She also posted the Prize Vault contests until the end of 2013.

In late April of 2014, she started writing for Player Attack.

Editorial/Feature Work On GP

Gaia ran two monthly features on GP throughout 2013. The first was Memory Lane, a feature which listed the most notable games released in a certain month over the span of the last 10 years (September, for example). The second feature was an article that focused on free video game music albums (either remixed by fans or actual game soundtracks) that were released in a given month.

She has also been a prolific reviewer for GP since 2013. Links to her reviews can be found on the following links below.