Game Podunk

Game Podunk (or "GP" as it's often shortened to) is a video game editorial and community discussion site. The meaning behind the name lies within the definition of the term "Podunk," which is often defined as a small, humble town. As such, Game Podunk is a place where members (or Podunkers) can come together and discuss video games in way, shape, or form.

The original explanation is as follows:

"Welcome to Game Podunk, where all podunkers can rave, shout, and even dance about video games. It doesn’t matter what video game genre or platform you’re most interested in, we at Game Podunk want to hear all about them. The town was founded on the fact that the video game industry is rapidly changing, especially for those of us who were born before the 1980s with the emergence of Pac-Man and Frogger. We know it’s an exciting stage, because there’s no telling what we’ll experience in the years to come through the games we play. That’s where the Podunkers and Game Podunk comes in. Whether you’re striving to be the best developer or gamer, Game Podunk wants to be the place where all gamers feel home enough to discuss, code, talk, and even dream video games!

Though this is just the start of Game Podunk, we’re excited that you’re a part of our small beginning. This town that we’re building is filled with new corners and places to wonder, because we’re not the builders alone. Podunkers contribute every moment by uploading pictures, creating social groups, blogging, and taking part in discussions on the forum at Game Podunk. We’re building a time and place together with every keystroke and bit. So we welcome you again to Game Podunk—where our world revolves around video games."[1]

Early Beginnings

Game Podunk was founded in 2008 by a user named DarkStar.


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