Jordan Haygood

Jordan Haygood
Group Community Manager
Title The Kaptain
Joined Est. Spring 2011

Jordan Haygood (or 'Kaptain J' as his internet personality is known) is a community manager and writer/reviewer for Game Podunk. He hosted the second version of the Game Podunkast for 32 episodes along with Khorne and a number of reoccurring GP staff members and guests. His writing often showcases a certain level of self-deprecating humor. He is the real-life brother of former contributing writer Christopher Haygood.

Previous/Alternate Usernames

  • Kaptain J
    • The origin behind the name comes from Jordan having wanted to use the name "Captain J" on Myspace but finding that it was already taken. Eventually he settled on spelling it was a 'K' instead and found that it was also in keeping with the way Kaptain K-Rool (from the Donkey Kong Country series) spelled it as well. The "J" part of the name corresponds to his own name, Jordan.[1]


Video Games

Jordan is a known fan of Nintendo and the Silent Hill series, among others.

Youtube Personalities

Jordan is an outspoken fan of JonTron, Game Grumps, Egoraptor, and Adam Sessler's work on Rev3 Games' channel.[2]

Youtube Work

In 2013, Jordan started up his own Youtube channel under the name "SirKaptainJ" in order to showcase his own videos and material. He has since produced a Let's Play series known as "Kaptain J Plays Stuff" and does the occasional unboxing video and the like.[3]


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