Marcus Estrada

Marcus Estrada
Group Editor
Title GP Writer
Joined November 2010

Marcus Estrada is a former Managing Editor and long-time contributor to Game Podunk and runs his own site, Pixel Pacas. He originally joined GP around the same time Jason Clement did, back in the Fall of 2010, and was the fourth original member selected to be on the editorial team formed by Nashkirb in early 2011.

Marcus stepped down from the Managing Editor role in April of 2015 when he was offered the opportunity to write for SyFy Games (which is being headed by Brittany Vincent) but continued to remain on the GP staff as a contributor.


Marcus is known for his love of horror (in movies, video games, and otherwise), collecting video games, and playing indie games that are a bit more obscure and unknown than the rest. He considers Silent Hill 2 to be one of his most favorite games, along with the series in general.

Bowser is his favorite character in the Super Mario series.

There is only one creature Marcus loves more than alpacas, and that's the Tyrannosaurus Rex.[1]


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