Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario Golf: World Tour
Developer Camelot Software Planning
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Sports, Golf
Release Date May 2, 2014
Platform(s) 3DS

Mario Golf: World Tour is a golf game developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo in May 2014. It is the third official handheld entry in the series and the fifth actual entry in the overall Mario Golf series. It was also the first new entry to release in a decade since Mario Golf: Advance Tour on GBA in 2004.


Official GP Review - 8.5 (out of 10)

Jason reviewed the game for GP, ultimately giving it a "great" score. While he didn't care for the lack of RPG mode (which prior handheld entries had) and the fact that there are only three main courses in the Castle Club mode, he praised the game's golf gameplay and controls, many different game modes, production values and visuals, and its robust online modes.[1]

Final Say: "Mario Golf: World Tour is a robust and great entry in the series, even if it does lack the RPG side that the previous handheld games had. If you're hankering for great golf gameplay, this one shouldn't be missed."


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