Nashkirb (or Nash) was the second overall site administrator to run Game Podunk, succeeding the original admin and site owner, DarkStar. He left the role and was succeeded by Jason Clement when the site changed ownership in early 2012.

Notable Achievements

Nash is credited with migrating GP to its current forum platform, Invision Power Board, after the previous site proved to be increasingly unstable and difficult to work with. He was also able to build up a small community of new members after much of the previous community built up by DarkStar had left when he sold the site. One method he used to achieve this means was by posting a $50 reward for anyone who managed to get their blog featured in a weekly selection by himself and one other admin.

He also created and oversaw a GP online store that sold certain games at a significant discount due to Geovanray's connections with Toys'r'us. The GP store was semi-successful for a time in attaining new members for the site.

The formation of the current editorial team is credited to Nash as well. Of the four he initially selected to write on the team, two are still active to this day (being Jason Clement and Marcus Estrada).