Rex is a long-standing member of Game Podunk. His username is thought to be inspired by Metal Gear REX from the Metal Gear Solid series. He is one of four remaining members (the other three being Elizabeth, Barrel, and Steve Bitto) that joined GP when DarkStar originally ran it.

Previous Usernames

Rex currently holds the record for most usernames on GP having changed his name at least 8 times.

  • Rex705
    • His original username
  • Annie Leonhardt
    • Rex changed his name to this when Ludono's Attack On Game Podunk event was happening. It is a character from the manga/anime, Attack On Titan.
  • Wolflink
  • TheDrifter
  • SpinClaw
  • MGS Ray
  • Colonist Rex
  • Natalia Poklonskaya
    • Rex changed his name to this after the real world events of Russia annexing Crimea took place in early 2014.[1] Natalia Poklonskaya was the new attorney general appointed to Crimea from Russia, and her fame skyrocketed after her initial press conferences due to her unusually cute appearance in comparison to the usual attorney generals. Much fanart was drawn of her, especially in Japan due to this.[2]


Video Games

Rex is a known fan of the Metal Gear Solid and Super Smash Bros. series.


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