Skater Cat

Skater Cat
Developer Fun Unit
Publisher Teyon
Genre Platformer, Runner
Release Date March 27, 2014
Platform(s) 3DS (eShop)

Skater Cat is a sidescrolling action game developed by Fun Unit and published by Teyon on the 3DS eShop. It was released on March 27, 2014.


As Ollie the cat, the player's objective is to skate to the goal on the opposite end of the level as fast as possible, all the while avoiding obstacles and trying to get stray cats to follow Ollie to increase his speed. At the goal, one to three medals are awarded depending on how quickly Ollie was able to get there and how many cats ended up following. There are 90 medals overall, and 30 levels spread across three worlds.

After a certain amount of medals are earned, additional worlds are unlocked as well as other options, such as using the player's own Mii in place of Ollie.


Official GP Review - 6.5 (out of 10)

Jason reviewed the game for GP, ultimately giving it a "decent" score. He praised the game's visuals and aesthetic as well as noting that it's enjoyable in short bursts, but criticized a lack of differentiation in levels and its inability to hold the player's attention for more than a few levels.

Final Say: "Skater Cat is a cute game that is fun in short bursts and will appeal most to speed-runners, but it may struggle to hold your attention in longer sessions."[1]


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