Steve Bitto

Steve Bitto
Group Moderator
Title GP Veteran
Joined Est. 2008/9(?)

Steve Bitto is a writer, moderator, and long-standing member of Game Podunk. He was formerly known as TYLERxDURDEN for a long time, which was a pseudonym derived from the character of Tyler Durden from the movie, Fight Club. He is one of four remaining members (the other three being Elizabeth, Barrel, and Rex) that joined GP when DarkStar originally ran it.

When Nash took over, Steve served as a mod, also carrying over his duties into the time period when Jason Clement became admin. He left the staff in late 2012 and was on hiatus for over year before he came back in late 2013, finally rejoining the staff again in April 2014.[1]

Editorial Work on GP

Steve was a regular contributor of articles and reviews to GP's first incarnation under DarkStar, and would continue to write blogs on various topics when Nashkirb took over the site. Upon rejoining the staff in 2014 after a hiatus, Steve became one of two primary regular news writers (alongside Jason) on the site, mostly covering topics pertaining to games on PlayStation platforms.


Video Games

Steve is a known fan of Sony Computer Entertainment and their subsequent PlayStation consoles.


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